The strength of the Endowment influences the university’s reputation as it directly impacts the academic profile, degree of independence, and financial stability of the institution. The Endowment ensures that resources are available to sustain TCU’s strategic advantage and further enhance its standing among prestigious peer institutions.

Pie chart showing 14.4%
Percent of income provided by the endowment to the university’s budgeted operating expenses for FY2022
Roughly the number of endowed scholarships
Number of endowed faculty funds supporting TCU’s faculty
$2.48 billion
Currently, the TCU endowment totals $2.48 billion
5%: endowment spending rate for FY2023
The endowment spending rate for FY2023 is 5% of the market value as of December 31, 2021
TCU endowment is ranked 65th among U.S. colleges and universities
Rank of TCU’s endowment in the National Association of Colleges and University Business Officers’ most recent annual survey

As the Abell-Hanger Professor in Gerontological Nursing, I don’t have to choose between teaching and scholarship. This endowed fund allows me to pursue cutting-edge research in a university setting where bright, motivated undergraduate and graduate students can learn from the experience of working in the lab as well as from the discoveries we make in the process of research.


DR. DENNIS CHEEK- Abell-Hanger Professor in Gerontological nursing

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